About Us

About Us

We are happy to tell you more about FDB Finance B.V. and our skilled team!

About us

about us

FDB Finance B.V. is a full service financial planning company committed to providing the individual and corporate clients with fully integrated range of  financial advices and solutions. Our specialists are focused on listening to your needs, to identify what is important to you, as well as evaluate and explain the possible alternatives of the future  investments, activities that you will be comfortable with.

Our mandate  is  to enable to increase your corporate profit and to advance growth and sustainability of your business.

We offer our services  in close co-operation with legal and fiscal advisors, thus ensuring that companies are legally structured in line with the legal, financial and fiscal framework.

The clients that we suit  can take an advantage of our multinational and various languages speaking  team which is able to communicate and to think in a different perspectives  of  your  requests s in order to consider the difference  of the approaches in each jurisdictions.


Meet Our

Antoine van Gils

Managing Director

Antoine has been working in the financial sector for almost 30 years. He makes sure that clients always receive the best possible advice, from tax advice to advice on self-employment and recruiting staff. Antoine does not like half work and he proactively looks for solutions. The aim is that the customer can confidently entrust his financial affairs into management, and can rely on optimal accounting and a complete financial overview to enable the best possible planning for the future.

René van Stralen

Legal Director

René has practiced law since 1997. His direct style and clear easy-to-understand language ensures that his clients feel fully appraised and supported, while still providing diligent and professional legal support. He is very -oriented, and has years of experience in advising and litigating for individuals and companies "It is important not only to investigate the legal options, but also what is the best strategy for this client."

Natalia Telegina

Client Director
Financial Account Manager

Natalia has considerable experience in financial services, guidance and advice to entrepreneurs. She is familiar with complex financial and taxation issues. Natalia has been involved in various international companies for many years, as well as internationally.

Oksana Logvinova

Deputy Financial
Account Manager

Oksana has built a reputation as a financial advisor . She follows all the novelties and uses her knowledge and skills to help the clients. Her experience and skills are extremely valuable and helpful.

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