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FDB Finance team has outstanding experience and market-leading expertise in providing assistance with business immigration. We highly knowledgeable on the state of immigration law in the Netherlands and Europe and are able to provide immigration solutions that other companies are not aware of. Our close relationship with the relevant authorities and client-centered approach gives us the edge over our competitors.

Business immigration often come hand-in-hand with immigration processes for private clients, and so FDB Finance offers a well-developed variety of business immigration processes in the Netherlands and Europe for private individuals. Are you a spouse of a person living and working in the Netherlands? Does a company in the Netherlands want to hire you as a specialist, and you would like to have your beloved ones close to you? Would you like to come to the Netherlands and establish your own enterprise with the ultimate goal of claiming Dutch citizenship for yourself, your spouse and minor children? Our team can help you in your endeavor and find the best suitable option for you!

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In the Netherlands, there is a labor immigration program for highly qualified specialists from abroad. There are a number of companies that have permission from the Netherlands Ministry of Justice (IND Immigration Unit) to accept foreign specialists into their staff. Unlike more complex European schemes, in the Netherlands this program requires a gross salary requirement is 4,500 euros per month for employees older than 30 years.

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All temporary residence permits issued by the Netherlands are tied to the referrer / inviting party. In the case of a highly skilled migrant worker, they are issued for a specific employee working for a specific company. Thus, for the first 5 years, an employee is not entitled to work in other companies if these companies are not IND referents (with the exception of entrepreneurship additional to the first job), and a possible transfer from one company to another takes place with the consent of 2 companies and an employee, and with mandatory notice IND.

All immediate family members of the employee (spouse and children under 18) are also entitled to obtain a residence permit, which, in turn, will be tied to the residence permit of this employee. The residence permit of the spouse does not impose any restrictions on employment and gives them the opportunity to work or study in absolutely any Dutch company or institution.

Children have the opportunity to get school education for free in Dutch. In the first year, training takes place in a preparatory class in the Dutch language, then in a comprehensive Dutch school.

In extension of this residence permit, children have the right to enter a Dutch (European university) at prices for members of the European Union of 1500-2500 euros per year. Training is conducted in Dutch or English. Neither an employee nor his family members need pass any language exams to obtain the first residence permit.

After 5 years of living in the Netherlands, the employee (and his family members) have the right to either obtain independent permanent residence permits that exempt from all restrictions on the work market and are not tied to one employer, or complete naturalization process, pass language exams and get Dutch citizenship and passports.

For employment, a client must be registered in the Netherlands. We offer several alternatives:

  1. The client can find housing with a residence permit (rent with a residence permit)
  2. A client can take a house on a mortgage at a small percentage (usually 1.5-3% per annum)
  3. Our company can arrange registration / registration

Medical insurance worth 1300 euros per year for an adult family member (children under 18 years of age are insured for free) covers all medical services, any medical intervention, as well as medications in the Netherlands. With additional payment

(350 euros per month) you can get an exelent policy that will cover medical services in any country of the European Union.

Children over 18 years old are required to have a separate medical policy.

Specialists moving to the Netherlands can enjoy a number of benefits that are not available to ordinary Dutch and holders of other residence permits:

  • 30% ruling: tax discount on wages (only 70% of wages are taxed!). In addition:¬†
  • the ability to change their car rights for the Netherlands for free to all family members¬†
  • the status of a partial tax resident, exempting from taxes on savings.
  • Unlike ordinary Dutch companies that issue temporary contracts, our company issues permanent contracts to employees. This makes it possible for employees to get a mortgage at a standard (low) percentage almost immediately and purchase housing.

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The minimum term of a working contract with our company is 12 months. The whole process from submitting a full package of documents to obtaining a visa to enter the Netherlands takes from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the completeness of the package of documents and employment IND in a particular period. While filing documents for the whole family, the whole family receives entry visas and residence permits at the same time.

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